Our Strategy

Formed in 2002, Englert Holdings was originally founded on the purchase of residential property. Our philosophy was to find and purchase well located and well designed buildings, and attract and retain quality tenants through a focus on upgrading and maintenance to a high standard.

In 2007, our focus shifted from residential to commercial buildings but the philosophy for purchasing quality and maintaining high standards remains.

The timing of entry into the market, together with our initial limited resources, resulted in a unique approach to acquiring property and building a portfolio. The Trust looked to provincial New Zealand for property when it became clear that properties in major New Zealand cities would not be financially viable or meet the exacting criteria.

As identified areas became popular and a wave of capital growth swept across New Zealand, Englert Holdings found new opportunities to invest. This continued until the opportunity had been exhausted. The result is a sizable portfolio protected from the excess negative gearing that affected many property investors between 2005-2010. Through our conservative approach, lending-to-value ratios remain within changing Bank criteria through this time.

As a Trust, the focus of Englert Holdings is on maintaining wealth for long-term profit rather than short-term gain. We are strictly property investors – not speculators or developers. The Trust has a buy-and-hold strategy aimed at building wealth that lasts for future generations.